Love Comes In Many Packages - Allen Weinstein

The Gift Of Respect

February the month of love, Valentine’s Day the day of love, and all you lovers were running around determined to purchase the perfect gift.

“Love comes in many packages. It is the wrapping that attracts, but it is the content that is meaningful.”

At first meeting there is an immediate reaction. Usually that reaction will then determine the rest of the evening.

Love is very individual and very hard to describe. It starts with a physical attraction and dissolves into a mental attraction.

Without the physical and mental attractions there can be no successful future. Having these bonds can lead to marriage; two beautiful people very much in love walking down the aisle with relatives and friends watching them profess their love for each other.

So what happened years later? Time drove a wedge between the two, and as more time passed, like a wedge does, it got deeper.

Why? Because there was one very important word missing from physical and mental attraction. The most important of all, RESPECT for each other.

The problem is that respect can only come with the passing of time. Everything you do, every move you make, every answer you give, no matter how big or small, gets stored in the conscious or subconscious brain. This also goes for how you treat others because your spouse is watching and listening.

So after years all of these factors being stored begin to merge together. It’s at this point that the future of your relationship begins to take shape. At that point you are either deeply in love or you have lost respect for your spouse and no longer find yourself in love with them.

Simply said, if there is no respect for each other, there is no relationship. So to all you spouses shopping for the perfect gift, one of them should be the gift of respect. A gift that will give both parties a lifetime of happiness.

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