The following testimonials are quotes and excerpts from those lives whom Allen has touched in his 80 years. Some are in their original state and some have been retyped for clarity.


When I meet Allen Weinstein 3 years ago, my company  was on the verge of going bankrupt. With Allen’s mentoring and support, he has helped me turn my company into a multi million dollar enterprise.  Allen always loves to share his vast wisdom and knowledge of business (and life) with me. I consider Allen one of the most intelligent men I have ever meet, I also consider him a wonderful friend.

Steve Barron NY – President of FauxWoodBeams.com


My name is Robert Palumbo, I own & operate a painting & remodeling company on Long Island. Approximately two years ago I expanded my company at a rate that exceeded my capital investment dollars, which caused a cash crunch to the point where I was behind on bills & salaries.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Mr. Allen Weinstein, who was more than willing to sit down with me to discuss my current dilemma, In a nut shell Mr. Weinstein taught me a lesson on cash flow analysis / requirement & really know the hard cost of an unproductive employee & unnecessary overhead.

Since our first meeting, I implemented many changes in the way I conduct my business, I now see an improvement in my daily cash flow & stress levels, I can’t thank Mr. Weinstein enough for the no strings attached help & mentoring he unselfishly gives to myself & others.

Robert Palumbo – Jencole Maintenance


This is  on behalf of my dearest friend in the World, Allen Weinstein.

Allen and I met about 8-or 9 years ago @ a mutual friends barbecue. After meeting Allen for about ten minutes I knew there was something special about the way he carried himself and I wanted to know how he did it. I was very intrigued. We exchanged a few words about business and we were off to the races.We started out helping each other with various personal/business related situations that were going on in both our lives. I began to realize that this could the best relationship I ever had with any person I had ever come across before. Allen immediately became my mentor and I would continue to always pay attention to what Allen said to me and a lot of other people. My personal business was in real trouble and I was in denial about the companies problems. I started to ask Allen a lot of business Questions, and he never turn down my request for his advice. As the pressure in my business started to grab a hold on me I turned to Alcohol amongst other vice’s. Allen never turned his back on me. He and I had become partners as I was falling apart. I decided to get help for my problem and went away to rehabilitation. Allen came to visit. He had all the right in the world to judge me and he choose not to. Lucky for me, I don’t think so this had to be divine Intervention.

There has never been A person in my life that that has pushed me into success just by being who they are. Allen has guided my life into a life of recovery and success. One & A Half years after I left rehab I am a 50% owner of a multi-million dollar enterprise that is growing rapidly. I have purchased  the House I grew up in and I am in care of my disabled brother. I also own 50% of a commercial property on Long Island . Less than two years ago I was Bankrupt. I can honestly say that I could not have done it , or even dreamed of it with out Allen Weinstein. Allen is my very best friend in the world today and he is going to be the best man at my up coming wedding in August. Allen is also my business partner and my very reason for success. I have followed Allen advice for a long time and he has never steered me wrong. I owe Allen a debt of Gratitude that only God could fill.



I met Allen Weinstein casually, as I did some window treatments in his home.  With every home visit or conversation, he started giving me business advice.  He was incredibly humble and never let on who he was, or the level of success he has achieved.  He just sincerely wanted to help me in business.  That quality and level of humility is part of what makes Allen special.

I had a manufacturing company that required attention, to say the least.  I had the IRS knocking at my door, I had to lay off 60% of my staff,  my company was in debt for $170,000.  I was overworking to try to make ends meet.  I was unable to claim bankruptcy because my dad cosigned the loans on the money we borrowed, he would have lost his home.  It felt like a hopeless case.

Lucky me, I became one of the companies that Allen mentored.  Over the course of three years, Allen guided my company from the verge of bankruptcy, with the IRS after me, to a healthy, thriving, growing, multi million dollar company.  

Allen is amazingly generous.  He completely opened himself up to me and my business partner.  We were encouraged to call him any time at all for assistance.  And by the way, there was nothing in it for him.  The way we paid him was in dinners.  I have never in my 20 years of business came across anyone as altruistic.

Then as time went on, we began relying on his expertise on so many levels, real estate, vendor and client issues, law issues, employee issues, anything and everything my business was experiencing, we got Allen’s advice.  His business advice is spot on.  He most often will be able to precisely identify a solution so far outside the box, no one has ever considered it.  It must be all of his experience in his own companies.  Some people are just born with an intuition or a knowingness for certain things.  His eyesight is a gift.

As I got to know Allen better as a friend, the respect I have for him multiplied exponentially when I heard his story.  Allen did not achieve all of this with ease, he had a learning disability in the form of dyslexia.  He could not read, yet graduated from Tulane with an architecture degree.  Talk about determination!  This is a man who despite everything against him, created his life the way he wanted, no matter what.  And it does not stop there, he is still achieving tremendous levels of success with every aspect of his life.

I am blessed to know Allen Weinstein.

Ruth Barron – Barron Designs, Inc.


As I looked back on the seven years I’ve known Allen, I realized that he has changed my life dramatically in many ways to be a happier and a confident person.

First, a little bio about myself.  Growing up I was never confident in myself and was verbally abused by my brother and school bullies. Having also been born with a hearing loss  I missed out a lot in school.   All those years I never stood up for myself because I felt insecure and also never wanted to wear a hearing aid.

Because of my hearing loss in grade school years, I was placed in the slow learning classes. When my I. Q. was tested and found to be above the national average I did not even demand from my parents or school administrators to place me in advanced classes.

In June, 2000, my life changed.  I met Allen Weinstein for the first time and from that day on… I would never be the same person again.

Allen would have me sit down with him and listen to my stories of lack of confidence.  After a few moments of silence he would begin giving me guidance on how to stand up to people such as my brother that constantly put me down and tries to make me feel guilty in front of others and that I earn respect because of years of hard work to become a company executive.  I now stand up for myself and tell that person not to insult me anymore and I do not do other peoples’ job as I am a company executive.   Because of this positive guidance, my employees now respect me and work harder for me.

Allen also strongly advise me never to let my hearing loss get in the way of achieving my goals. He encouraged me to get TWO hearing aids instead of one new .  He advise me that people will respect me for making progress to hear the wonderful sounds in the world.  He was right!  Allen helped convinced me to not care what people think of me wearing over the ears hearing aids.

Allen also never put me down as he always tried to install confidence in me such as encouraging to buy a home to own instead of renting.  Originally, I was advised against buying a home still  rent.  Allen’s advise really paid off because I built up equity!

Allen also guided me to feel comfortable in hugging other male family members because I should love my family regardless of who they are.  Now, I can hug male friends and family members and can also look in other people’s eyes and engage in meaningful conversations. 

Lastly, Allen has been an inspiration to me for seven wonderful years because I now have confidence in myself  to lead a wonderful and loving life.

May god bless him!

Mike Green


Currently, I spend each day of my life in a mental, physical and spiritual quest for personal peace, harmony and balance. I strive to be the best person I can be in all I say and do.

I take great pride and interest in my physical well – being and spend many hours each day in training. One day at the gym, while working out with free weights, I found myself next to a man who would become a very dear friend, a mentor and a great positive influence on my life.

My passion is my work.  My desire is to be the very best at what I do.  I will accept nothing less. I read countless books detailing ways to achieve greatness and wealth.  However, this was not enough.  The books lacked a key ingredient.  They did not provide feedback.  I needed something more to reach the next level in both my personal and business life.

Little did I know at the time that Allen Weinstein my new friend would be the key to my future success.  His friendship is unconditional.  As a result of his influence, my life continues to change for the better.  His example is a steady guiding light.  He is knowledgeable beyond belief and his advice always proves to be spot on.  He has helped and advised me in many ways.  Allen is a true friend and continues to be a very important part of my life.  Thanks to his help and influence, I approach each day with confidence and a positive can–do outlook.

Vincent Colantuoni


July 22, 2007

Dear Allen,

I’m sitting at my desk reflecting on another Allen Weinstein miracle. How you with minimal help from me created 1.2 million dollars of potential profit out of thin air is truly amazing. Ten years ago just before we became partners I had my father invest $35,000.00 in a real estate deals you were involved with; (you return $24,000. making it an investment of $11,000.) after four years upon the sale of the property my father received one million dollars. That was the first of many AW miracles.

Over the years you have been a friend, mentor, life counselor and extraordinary business partner. One of my first memories of you is when you and your brother Joe tracked down the daughter of one of your former business associates.  Thirty five years after a hand shake deal you owed him $750,000.? . He had passed away some years earlier and no one except for you and Joe knew about this deal. You sort out and found his daughter, eventually sending her a check.

I have watched over the years as you have helped all manner of people, your doors are always opened. Whether personal or business advice you always have the time. Your upbeat can do attribute goes well with my optimistic view of life. We share many of the same traits. Along with my father you are one of the major influences in my life. As I have said to many people, I have spent ten years learning at the side of a master. I have received a graduate degree in the Allen Weinstein School of business and life. 

Thanks again,

Steven P. Sanders

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