April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers – Renewal Of Our Brain

April Showers Bring May FlowersThey say, “April showers bring May flowers.” What does the Spring bring?

To me it is a time of renewal; a time to refresh and recharge. The animals start waking up, the birds seem to start to settle into their new homes, flowers begin to bloom, grass and trees start turning green and full, and the sun and rain play hide and seek.

What does this do to us as individuals?  For me it signals to my brain a new season, a renewal, a rebirth. Here in NY we’re leaving the cold and dreary winters and preparing for the warmer side of summer. Each season evokes an emotion based on conditioning of the environment we grew up in. For example, someone who has grown up experiencing all four seasons, like I did, may be conditioned to expect to see things differently. For instance, I equate Christmas and Hanukkahh to winter and so does Hollywood. For the most part, all “holiday” shows and movies are set in a cold winter setting unless they are away on vacation someplace warm. So seeing holiday decorations where there are palm trees and warm sunny beaches with no signs of cold or snow seems off to me. So what needs to be done once Spring comes along is reprogramming. We will want to plant seeds of positivity, seeds of affirmations of the journey we’re on, and use these seeds to bloom into the summer months. It is so important that we, like nature, recharge our batteries.

I like to look at Spring as a time of renewal of my mind, body and soul. Just like you would “spring clean” your house; so should you your life. For me, I love trips to the beach feeling the warm sun as the cool water splashes calmly to the shore. I think it’s a good time to recharge my brain. Each spring I ask myself what lessons I have gained and what can I hope to do better within the coming days and months. I look at myself objectively and ask, “What advice do I need for myself to improve on?” I find this an ideal time to clean out my closets, my office, freshen up the gardens, find inspiration for my art, etc.. I noticed that if I cleanse my surroundings, it helps my mind, body and soul.

In the spring I want to strengthen myself, tone my body to prepare for summer, and challenge my mind to intellectually nourish my brain. It is at this time that I take a look at my goals, set new ones, and refresh and update old ones.

This is when I like to take a look at the journey, see how far I have come, and see the obstacles I have conquered. This is where I take the lessons I’ve learned and apply them to my new goals.

Setting and constantly updating goals is vital for success, especially for anyone who has struggled with Dyslexia or any kind of physical or learning challenges. Personally, I love to challenge myself. Sometimes the challenge can be as simple as getting out of bed earlier, or as difficult as trying something new that pushes myself outside my comfort zone.

I have learned that by me associating Spring with this action has made it more likely for me to get it done.

Once I have reset my batteries to take me through the next transformations in my life; like the caterpillar I have been reborn and like a flower with firmly planted roots I will now flourish and bloom.

What will you do in the spring for your rebirth?

Sherri Gwen – Guest Author



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