Learning Is Not Black And White

Learning Is Not Black And White

Everyone learns differently. We can fill a room with people and divide it into all types of learners. Learning is not black and white. If we’re going to do this scientifically, not only will there be all kinds of learners, but in each category there would be subcategories for people to learn. There are those […]

MOM - COO of the Family Project

MOM – The COO of the Family Project

That very special day for that very special person is upon us, Mother’s Day. A day reserved for that special person in your life. Of course giving birth is the GREATEST gift a mother can give to a child. So there you are in your twenties or early thirties and then one day your whole […]

Allen Weinstein - Planting Positive Seeds

Planting Positive Seeds To Harvest Success

While trying to figure out what to write about, my daughter Dana reminded me that April is the month for planting seeds to reap the harvest in the months to come. We all realize that nothing will grow, there will be no harvest, and the ground will remain dormant without the seeds, the rain, and […]


Grudges – The Poisonous Killer of the Body and Mind

Every one of us is always concerned about how we feel, look, and manage our everyday life. We all do a host of things that tear down our bodies.  It’s all about aging well, feeling good and keeping a fertile mind. That’s what we need to enjoy, all we endured, to finally retire. Good health […]