In addition to writing I love to pass the time creating art.

Art brings out the passion in me and consequently is one of things that truly give me total relaxation.

All the art I create is one of a kind. I usually do not duplicate my work.

All materials I use are ordinary items found throughout my travels. No material is exempt from becoming a piece of my art. People around me are amazed at the discarded items I pick up and store in my basement. Eventually everything will be used, some years after they were found and collected.

One mans trash can be my treasure. So be careful what you discard, it could end up hanging on your wall someday.

“Chimes” by Allen Weinstein


I call this one “Chimes” because it reminds me of door chimes.

I made this out of plastic plumbing pipes and wrapped with yarn.

“Cirque Du Soleil” by Allen Weinstein

Cirque Du Soleil by Allen Weinstein

When I went to see the show and I picked up these figures at the show I thought of a scene I could put them in.

I was so inspired by the beauty and talent at the show to create this.

“Culture” by Allen Weinstein

Culture by Allen Weinstein
I was inspired by the culture of the land of these people. I made the figures and cut them out in depth, put them on the canvas and then painted it all monotone. First you see the color then you see the figures.

“On Top Of The World With My Love” by Allen Weinstein

On Top Of The World With My Love by Allen Weinstein

This is a birthday card that I made for my Fiancé Sharon.

The inscription reads:

‘Two hands two hearts  join to become one and together we  sit on top of the world”

I made this by cutting the hands out of metal, the globe I bought and placed a photo of Sharon and I sitting on top of the world.

“Pretty Woman” by Allen Weinstein


I made this with a sheet of black plastic.

I put paper over it, cut out the woman, I sprayed the lady and ripped off the paper.

The beauty of a woman’s body inspired me.

“Safari” by Allen Weinstein

Safari by Allen Weinstein

This was inspired by me walking into a fabric store looking for a red fabric for a seat cushion.

This material was laying on the floor, so I asked the proprietor if I could have this piece. He said he only had this one he was out of stock. I said no problem it’s all I need. He gave it to me with the promise that id show him the piece of art when it was done.

What inspired me was that it fit the décor of my bedroom perfectly.

“Doll House” by Allen Weinstein

One of a kind doll house that I built for my daughter Dana over a 13 year period. Everything in the house (including structure, furniture,  and light fixtures) were all designed and made by me using discarded items. There is only one exception; a toilet bowl that was given to me by my mother.

“Carousel” by Allen Weinstein

This carousel was made for my daughter Sherri. This too was made with discarded items. It is one hundred percent functional including carousel music and lighting.