Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life – Letting Go Of Our Past

We have all had our share of negative and positive events in our past. Letting go of our past is something that is important, however that does not mean we must let go of everything that we have experienced. In this episode of Let’s Talk About Life, my daughter Sherri and I discuss this topic […]

Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life – How Dyslexia Affects Self-Esteem

Our first episode of Let’s Talk About Life for 2018 is here! In this episode we discuss how dyslexia affects our self esteem. My daughter Sherri and I share our personal experiences and some of the things that we did to overcome our lack of confidence. Are you or your children currently dealing with a […]

Allen Weinstein - Q&A 004

Q&A 004 | Fear Of Success

In this episode of my Q&A Series I answer a question from Gibby. She is an incredible action taker, but is dealing with challenges when it comes to completing business projects and she thinks it could be related to a possible fear of success. Watch video below for more details and to hear my answer. […]