About Me

Allen Weinstein

Today, Allen Weinstein is a self-made man, a man who acquired success in life despite handicaps that might have left him a street derelict. In the crucible of our public education system, Allen had never been given much of a chance to succeed. He couldn’t read until he was thirteen and was labeled and written off by our educational system. Failure after failure in school sentenced him to a bleak future. Yet Allen found a way to deal with the blows life dealt him and a way to overcome his learning disabilities. He forged a philosophy of life from his experiences that has carried him through the darkest of time to ultimate triumph. In his book, Memoirs of a Learning Disabled, Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire, Allen tells his story and share his lessons from life. From the streets of a small beach town in Long Island, New York, to meetings with movers and shakers of our society, Allen takes us on his journey from a virtual unknown to a man of means and power. For anyone who has despaired about the difficulties life has handed out to him, for anyone who wants to discover how to triumph over adversity, this is the book to read. ‬

Nobody believed Allen Weinstein was college material except Allen himself, therefore he shocked everyone around him by getting accpeted and attending Tulane University and through his alternative methods of learning Allen also attended Columbia University night school and finally graduated from the University of Kansas where he received his degree in architecture. As a founding partner of Unity Capital Corporation, he was instrumental in its phenomenal growth and development as a major player in the real estate markets of the northeast. Allen is a health aficionado and enjoys working out along with golf, tennis, and skiing. He also enjoys creating art and sculpture. He has written three beautifully illustrated books showing some of his creative projects. The most spectacular of which is a doll house that took him thirteen years to complete.

Allen has worked with various charities and numerous politicians. Such work has netted charities like the Mental Illness Foundation a $100,000 grant from New York State, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars he personally raised each year at various charity dinners.

Below you can view the live video recording of Allen’s commencement speech for the 2006 graduating class at the Chelsea School in Maryland.