Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life – How Dyslexia Affects Self-Esteem

Our first episode of Let’s Talk About Life for 2018 is here! In this episode we discuss how dyslexia affects our self esteem. My daughter Sherri and I share our personal experiences and some of the things that we did to overcome our lack of confidence. Are you or your children currently dealing with a […]

Allen Weinstein - Q&A 004

Q&A 004 | Fear Of Success

In this episode of my Q&A Series I answer a question from Gibby. She is an incredible action taker, but is dealing with challenges when it comes to completing business projects and she thinks it could be related to a possible fear of success. Watch video below for more details and to hear my answer. […]

Learning Is Not Black And White

Learning Is Not Black And White

Everyone learns differently. We can fill a room with people and divide it into all types of learners. Learning is not black and white. If we’re going to do this scientifically, not only will there be all kinds of learners, but in each category there would be subcategories for people to learn. There are those […]

MOM - COO of the Family Project

MOM – The COO of the Family Project

That very special day for that very special person is upon us, Mother’s Day. A day reserved for that special person in your life. Of course giving birth is the GREATEST gift a mother can give to a child. So there you are in your twenties or early thirties and then one day your whole […]

Allen Weinstein working on art piece.

Creating My Artwork

In this week’s video I would like to introduce you to my artwork. Other than writing, I have a passion for art. I love to use my imagination out of the box to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are made of everyday objects that you throw away. Watch video below for more details. Hope you enjoy […]

Jessie Hammack - Beach Town Libraries

Twelve Year Old Dyslexic Boy Helps Others Read

A few weeks ago, through my Facebook fanpage, my team and I had the pleasure of meeting a twelve year old dyslexic boy that is doing something amazing to help others read. His name is Jessie Hammack and he is on a mission to bring the joy of reading to other children and adults by […]

Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life – Art As An Escape

Without a mental escape we build up a lot of anxiety within ourselves. It is important to get rid of this anxiety and pressure because if we keep it within, it will usually come out in the form of anger. Unfortunately this anger is often taken out on the wrong people. In this week’s episode […]

Allen Weinstein - Planting Positive Seeds

Planting Positive Seeds To Harvest Success

While trying to figure out what to write about, my daughter Dana reminded me that April is the month for planting seeds to reap the harvest in the months to come. We all realize that nothing will grow, there will be no harvest, and the ground will remain dormant without the seeds, the rain, and […]

Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life – Controlling Your Future

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About Life we talk about the importance of controlling your future. One important thing to remember is that controlling your future is almost synonymous to controlling your goals. When you make a goal today it can only be accomplished in the future. So in theory, your future is […]