Imagery: If You Can Conceive It, You Can Achieve It

We all know what Imagery means . However to understand how it works, and how to benefit from its results is a worthy lesson for achieving in life.

From time to time we all use imagery. It’s unfortunate however, that most of us don’t focus on it when we are relying on it.

During the course of our daily life we are constantly reacting to situations that require the use of imagery. When asked to perform chores or respond to any unfamiliar situations your result is driven by imagery.

In my book “Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire” I use the following example of imagery.

golf swing“Take a golf ball and club and give it to someone living in a tribal society having no communication with the outside world; they would have no clue of what to do. But give the same equipment to anyone living in a civilized culture and even if they never played the game they will know what to do .”

The difference is that in a civilized culture golf is a popular sport and one is able to see it being played. On the other hand, in an undeveloped society most people have never been exposed to this sport.

Welcome to the world of imagery. You saw it, were able to imagine it, and when called upon to perform you relied on an image of what you had seen. That picture in your brain is imagery.

I am an 81 year old who grew up with dyslexia and learning disabilities. I could not read until I was 13 years old and was always reassured by my teachers that my future would have no success.

If I acquiesced to their image of me they would have been correct. I aspired to have a better life and I used imagery to accomplish my goals and achieve the success I have enjoyed throughout the years.

Imagery when combined with conviction, desire, and an unquestionable need to achieve will always result in success. Failure is never an option!

No growth, no success, and absolutely no new innovative products would exist without imagery. The car, the wheel, the radio, the television, the computer, paper, pens, etc. were all images in someone’s mind before they became a reality.

So how do we apply this to our everyday lives? Imagery is a tool that many athletes use to improve their skills. They use the term cyber vision. They watch others either in real life performing or on training tapes. After carefully studying the movements they close their eyes and draw a clear picture of what was seen using their imagination. The clearer the picture gets the better the brain will perform by simply mimicking what it sees. Remember, every movement we make is controlled by our brain, so the clearer the picture the better the performances.

I used this method to help me deal with my dyslexia and learning disabilities. Imagery became a part of my life. Everything  I ever wanted I would close my eyes and imagine that I already achieved it.

From financial success to good health, Imagery was always my beacon to grow. It helped me to think out of the box and consequently deal with my dyslexia and learning disability.

I urge you to try it. Try it with losing weight, just picture over and over again what you want your body to look like and what it takes to meet that goal, and one day you will wake up and be surprised. I know, because it happened to me and for  81 years old I look better then most half my age.

Refer back to my article on health, and apply Imagery to achieve your desired results.

Be realistic, and Imagery will improve upon whatever you are capable of achieving.

Someone once said, “as long as you are going to think and imagine, you might as well think and imagine positive things.”

Below you can read how my daughter Sherri used Imagery to change her life…

Using Imagery

By Sherri Marrapodi

People are often shocked when I tell them I have dyslexia and learning disabilities, and I graduated from High School as the Valedictorian? Some how they associate dyslexia and learning disabilities with lack of knowledge or smarts.

How did I accomplish this? IMAGERY.  A lesson in life my father gifted to me at a young age, So how dod I accomplish this you ask easy, I never believed that I couldn’t succeed and I imagined me giving the Valedictorian speech at graduation. I stayed focused on the prize. However this was not my most impressive feat with imagery.

I was about 10 years old,  my family would ski every weekend and every holiday upstate NY, I hated it because I was afraid of heights and nervous on the mountain, I lacked confidence. and at my age all my friends were competing and traversing and I was afraid,  so I would ski very slowly in a snowplow position, (aka pizza slice.) My father one day asked me why I was afraid and I explained I didn’t want to fall, and I didn’t like the heights.

Later that night he called me downstairs in our ski home and asked me to watch a video tape with him (yes that’s how old I am). It was a video of a  woman doing downhill skiing with elegance and grace.

woman skiingI had viewed her video once and  my dad stated that I should pick one aspect of her movements and focus only on that,  weather it be her skis position  or her bent knees, to her placement of poles, etc…and after every time he would make me focus on a different position.

Every day for a week he did this, each time the tape would finish he would have me imagine me making those moves.   As I would drift off to sleep these images would re play over and over again in my head only I would imagine my head on her body.

After a week of doing this I decided I had enough confidence to give it a shot and so I rode the chairlift with my eyes closed picturing myself going down the mountain and traversing . I got to the top of the mountain looked down and felt the old fears creep up so I took a deep breath closed my eyes and pictured me moving down the mountain with the same elegance and grace the professionals had, I waited as  my dad went down a little bit first so as to watch me and when he gave me the ready sign I flew down that mountain with the same finesse the professionals had, and I now had a new appreciation for skiing and my dad was in total awe of my transformation he almost didn’t believe it was me at first.

After that day I never snow plowed again unless I was teaching someone to ski. To this day I fear heights but slap a pair of skis  on me, drop me on any mountain and I will fly with images that have been forever embossed in my mind.

Imagery will help you to become and do what ever you allow your mind to see and create. I used these skills throughout my life and still do today to attract the things I want or need,  this was one of the most valuable tools that I learned and use still to this day.

If you can imagine it, you can create it, remember Walt Disney had a vision, an image, and it all started with a mouse.

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