Allen Weinstein Q&A 003

Q&A 003 | Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

In this episode of my Q&A series I answer a question from a concerned mother who’s son has faced some difficult experiences and it has completely changed his personality and view in life.

Here is some background on his story…

21 year old son Josh was a fun loving boy that found a girl he adored very much. They dated for 4-5 years, but she started treating him badly 2 years into their relationship. He joined the gym to help him get through the hard times and the gym became his life and true passion. He lives for the gym and he knows so much about it.

Around 5 months after his breakup Josh was at a friend’s birthday party and was badly beaten and injured by some troublemakers that were there. This made matters worse for Josh and he has never been able to sleep anywhere but home ever since then. He has never been the same and now he hides away in his room playing games at night and sleeping through the day. Josh has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

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