Is College Necessary, or Is it A Waste Of Time and Money?

Education is the gateway to growth. It is a path to success and a road to leadership.

Allen Weinstein with grandson Darin for his high school graduationI graduated high school in 1953. To say that school was difficult for me is a major understatement, and can only be understood by another with learning disabilities or dyslexia. The only variable is that back in the 50s no one knew about learning disabilities or dyslexia, I was considered backward or to put it in their plain words, DUMB.

However, this is not about me, this is about you. If you are interested in how I made it big in life you can read my story in my book ‘Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire‘.

Back in the 50s everyone went to college. The majority of graduates entered with no idea of where they were going. They were not goal driven at that time in their lives.

The various degrees in which the students were seeking ran the gamut from social studies, biology, communications, economics, and many others that gave degrees with no real economic future. And of course there were, and still are, those students who are fortunate enough to have a chosen a career and pursued it.

Back then however, things were totally different. Wave a college diploma, regardless what subject it was in, and you were able to to get a job with a respectable company, in which you then had the opportunity within to grow and advance up the corporate ladder. Jobs were plentiful back then. A very high percentage of these graduates entered fields that had no correlation to that of which they had studied.

Welcome to the 20th Century , the world has CHANGED. The problem is we still have many dinosaurs amongst us, including myself at 80 years old. These leftovers remember the old days especially when it was unheard-of not to go to college.

Who are these dinosaurs? Parents and grandparents of our youth. They’re passing on their belief on the importance of a college diploma to the younger generation. This places pressure on their decisions, which could affect the rest of their lives.

Make no mistake about it, I feel that without education you suffer. However, with the outrageous cost of colleges in today’s economy and the scarceness of jobs, not to forget the remaining debt hanging over your head and the struggle it will take to pay off the debt, YOU better have a meaningful degree.

By meaningful, I mean an education that will put you right to work. All colleges offer such opportunities but you must research that chosen industry prior to your choice. You want to know all the opportunities that exist in the real world (ie. what is the availability of work, average dollars earned, the possibility of advancement, how difficult is it to eventually start my own business, etc).

In considering your chosen field there are options other than college. It is my strong opinion that an alternative to college is trade school. Trade schools are only goal oriented. They teach you a skill, not only by book learning, but also by performing the actual work alongside an instructor.

The trade schools offer a wide range of opportunities for study. Upon graduation from such a school your job opportunities become so much greater than that of a nonspecific college degree. The bonus here is not only do you have a lifetime career; you don’t have a lifetime of college debt.

THINK very carefully before making these decisions. It’s YOUR LIFE we are talking about!


Allen Weinstein


Ps. In closing this post I would like to include a letter that my daughter Sherri wrote in celebration of her friend’s daughter’s graduation. Very beautiful words which I feel are perfectly appropriate for any graduates that are reading this blog post.

Your life is an unwritten story waiting to be told.

Congratulations, you graduated!

 You are about to begin a new chapter of your life. You must set goals, have dreams and aspirations. There will be obstacles, and bumpy times, there will be times you will feel you failed, and times that go so smooth, you have to pinch yourself at the reality of it all.

When the times are tough, as they often can be, that’s when you hold on to your visions and dreams a little closer. When your goals seem unattainable reach just a little harder.

For if you say you failed it means you gave up, for failure only comes when you stop trying, so get up and try again!

You are the author of each page in your life. You may veer off the original path and that too is ok. It’s not failure as long as you keep your sights on the end goal.

You need to know that you cannot control outside forces, you cannot control people, you cannot control weather, or the outcome of an event. However, what you can control is your reaction to the things that are thrown your way. At that moment you have a choice to either let that moment define you, or for you to define that moment.

Along your journey there will be those who want to tear pages from your book and tell you, you won’t hit the goal or make you believe your dreams are not real or that they are impossible. (Impossible= I’m Possible)

Always remember that you are the author of your story and only you hold the pen. Go out there and live the dream and don’t let anyone else hold your pen or write your story.

Life will be filled with many valuable lessons if your willing to take them all in. Remember to always be true to who you are as an individual, step out of your comfort zone and take chances.  These will be the most important lessons you will ever learn. Remember, you have a purpose, go out and discover it.

You must believe in you, and you must always tell yourself and encourage yourself. Always feed yourself with positivity, for the mind will believe what you tell it, good or bad, it makes no difference. Remember this; the brain has no heart, and the heart has no brain.

You are beautiful and smart, and that’s an awesome combination. So, go out there and start the new chapter in your life with your pen in your hand. Enjoy the experience, and document the memories. We look forward to hearing great things from you in your future.


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