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One Concerned American’s Rant About The Treatment of our Vets

Memorial Day has just passed, but the memory of these men and women who gave their lives will never fade.

We, the American public, must understand and appreciate that our freedom is only due to their sacrifice.

I personally can’t thank them enough for giving us a life in exchange for theirs.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give my deepest sympathy and heartfelt sorrow to the parents, wives, children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends of these brave people.

That being said, this country and particularly congress and our senate should be ashamed, and outright condemned for their treatment of all those Vets who were fortunate enough to survive and return home to their families.

But who is fooling who?  A mass majority of these returnees come back, but not the same as they left.

What they suffer and how we respond is apprehensible. Due to their conditions, many cannot function and consequently they can’t work or even handle relationships, which not only leads to everyday suffering but the separation of families who were heretofore loving households. Think about the trickle down effect.

I write this because I am perplexed and outraged on how our Vets are being treated. I don’t have to alert you on the appalling treatment they receive from the VA hospitals. They survived the enemy fire and return home to be killed by our administration’s unwillingness to care.

Oh, don’t misunderstand our politicians are very patriotic on Memorial Day, they love the holiday. It gives them a chance to flee Washington like rats being chased by cats.

They never miss an opportunity to get their face in front of a crowd. To be seen and heard eulogizing our heroes.  As soon as they finish their public appearance off they go, back to their families or some social affair. Something those servicemen and women cannot do.

Of course it’s easy to understand the lack of concern for our Vets when the head of the VA compares the waiting time for Vets medical care to the lines of people visiting Disney World. More disturbing is the lack of action from our politicians to immediately fire this jerk and remove all his benefits.

Our government continues to assure our Vets and the public that they are constantly working to improve the situation. Their continuous lies are supported by their lack of results.

I could be crazy, after all, I admit I know nothing about what happens or goes on behind the scenes. Having said that, I believe the solution is relatively easy. One of two things can be done immediately.

First off we close the VA, then one, we can give every Vet the same medical coverage our politicians have.  As a side note, in case you don’t know, they do not have Obama care, they have their own special coverage which is the very best that our money can buy. My second solution is to issue every Vet a medical card that will be honored by any doctor or hospital throughout the country.

I would love to see some Vet lead a group of all Vets to make their point heard in Washington.

Remember that politicians only act when their job is in jeopardy. A large group of Vets, who are trained to work together, will most certainly wake up our non-caring leaders. Votes are their weakness.

I wish I had the power to help all those men and women, many who sacrificed their lives and those that lost their innocence and returned home a different person.

Dear Vets from the bottom of my heart, I praise you, I admire you, and I thank you for giving to me, my children, grandchildren, the freedoms I enjoy each and every day.  Those freedoms that those who gave their lives for us cannot enjoy.

Thank you,

Allen Weinstein

** Featured photo of me used in this post was from my days in the Army Reserve.

Below is a screenshot of an article published by the Long Island Newsday on June 1, 2016 regarding the current reality of what our Veterans have to deal with.


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