It Is Not Circumstances That Shapes Our Minds, But Our Reaction To It - Allen Weinstein

Motivational Monday – It Is Not Circumstances That Shapes Our Minds

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “It is not circumstances that shapes our minds, but our reaction to it.”

You’re sitting, minding your own business, and suddenly you’re approached by an annoying intruder. Faced with a circumstance appearing instantaneously, we must react.

Reaction to a circumstance in some cases are physical, others are emotional. Some are instantaneous and others justify deeper thought as to our reaction.

Once thing is for sure. We all face many different circumstances and actions to them on an everyday basis.

There are no set of rules on how to react to these circumstances. However your reaction could change the rest of your life, in some cases for the good and some cases for the worse.

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