I Wish I Was To The Sphere, As I Am To The Circle - Allen Weinstein

Motivational Monday – I Wish I Was To The Sphere As I Am To The Circle

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “I wish I was to the sphere, as I am to the circle.”

Whether we realize it or not, our main goal in life is to achieve an inner feeling of contentment.

Contentment is an individual fulfillment and only you know when that goal has been accomplished. We achieve this inner peace by constantly comparing our present position with that of others. If what we see creates envy, then we rot and never rise above the circle we have created. However, if what we see encourages us to work harder and consistently strive for a new goal, climb from our circle to another level, then we had reached the sphere and now you are to the sphere what you were to your circle.

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