Dreams are as real as we make them. By Allen Weinstein

Motivational Monday – Dreams Are As Real As We Make Them

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “Dreams are as real as we make them, and the more we believe in them, the more attainable they become.”

Belief is what motivates us to action. Everyone has beliefs. It is those beliefs that separate one from another. The environment and people we associate with ingrain our beliefs into us.

These beliefs are fed to us by others and become a part of us, but we have the ability to add another dimension to how we grow and advance by implementing our own new beliefs.

Dreams or imagination will help us attain goals in life. This includes health as well as any other goals we want to accomplish. There are no goals without first having a dream, from the safety pin to the computer all started with a dream.

We all dream of different things or situations or accomplishment we would like to accomplish. Dreams by themselves are not enough. Without true belief in your ability to accomplish these dreams, it’s not happening. So keep dreaming, and mot importantly, keep believing in your dreams!

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