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Planting Positive Seeds To Harvest Success

While trying to figure out what to write about, my daughter Dana reminded me that April is the month for planting seeds to reap the harvest in the months to come.

We all realize that nothing will grow, there will be no harvest, and the ground will remain dormant without the seeds, the rain, and your continual care and effort.

So let’s take advantage of April and let’s plant our own seeds so we can reap the harvest of achieving our goals in life.

The planting of the seed in the ground is the same as planting positive or negative thoughts, and new ideas or goals in our minds; after all, they too will take time to blossom, but only with continuous care and effort.

I know from time to time we all have attempted to either change a bad habit or reach a certain goal only to have given up along the way.

Does this mean we have failed?

Only if you quit, otherwise you just had a temporary setback, like a detour in the road.

Failure is self-imposed, it’s a mindset we try to explain why we did not succeed, but whatever you say it’s all self-rationalization. Our subconscious mind knows we failed and that thought or negative seed planted in there now feeds our conscious brain negative feelings about ourselves.

The seed has been planted, unfortunately it was a negative seed and it can only lead to the birth of our lack of self-confidence which then leads us to many unpleasant feelings which will effect who we really are. If you choose this route then no one can help you until you help yourself; it’s almost like a tornado blowing through your seeds before they got a chance to create roots. Should you choose to consider your lack of success a temporary setback, you pick up and re-harvest and re-plant those seeds after that storm!

Now when your brain is fed positive thoughts, positive seeds are planted, and as you continue to grow and cultivate the seeds yourself, your self-esteem will shine and all who are around you will feel the positive vibe or see the beautiful blooms you planted.

So treat your setbacks like any detour in the road. No one has ever hit a detour and turned around and said, “Sorry not going.” Nope, you find another way around it.

So plant those seeds to reap the harvest of a better life, go around the detour, find a better route, and remember that failure is never an option no matter how hard it rains.

Happy plantings of positivity and watch your life’s garden grow.

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