MOM - COO of the Family Project

MOM – The COO of the Family Project

MOM - COO of the Family Project

That very special day for that very special person is upon us, Mother’s Day. A day reserved for that special person in your life.

Of course giving birth is the GREATEST gift a mother can give to a child.

So there you are in your twenties or early thirties and then one day your whole life changes.

You went from a care free, fun loving, unrestricted existence, with little to no responsibility, to in an instance you step into the most prestigious and important job life has to offer.

You have just become the top COO (chief operating officer) of a brand new baby startup company and and it is called the family project.

Let’s reflect a bit on your job description because as they say, ” babies don’t come with an instruction manual.”

Your job starts the second the baby is placed in your arms. In that matter of seconds you just took on the job of a lifetime. You will wear many hats , such as a nurse, the chauffeur, the maid, the short order cook, the referee, the arts and crafts hub, a bank, a waitress and the entertainment  director.

You will work 24/7, twelve months out of the year, for zero money. You will receive no health insurance, you may get spit up on or worse, you must always answer, but why? You will have no sick days, no vacation time, and no privacy. You will have doors slammed in your face and hate spewed at you.

This job will make you cry, make you happy, age you. You’ll have sleepless nights, and you will accomplish all this while possibly holding down outside work.

However, it is the most rewarding job with perks to rival them all. Like little finger prints left behind, big hugs and kisses, the I love yous and, the best perk of all, is when they smile and laugh.

You have in a fleeting moment climbed the corporate ladder and your new title is now… MOM!!!

A man goes out into the workforce, he picks a particular industry and pursues a job. He now has a family to support, a home to pay for, along with all the other responsibilities of fatherhood.

Being diligent and wanting to succeed he takes his job seriously, puts in his due diligence and all of his time by learning, watching and listening to others who are working side by side.

Absorbing all he can each and every day through the years, climbing the corporate ladder, finally bringing him to his final goal. Top management, with great pay, benefits, health insurance, and even a retirement plan.

He did not achieve this goal without mistakes, and all the experiences and knowledge he’s gathered through his “failures” along the way. In fact, had it not been for those “failures” to learn from, he would have not succeeded in reaching his goals, ” Failure breeds success.”

Motherhood, is similar in many ways, but has one major difference… she has achieved top management over night with , in most cases, no prior experience or training and she can not afford many failures in order to learn. Failure in many cases can not be pushed to the side, every failure that becomes her learning curve also becomes her child’s problem.

Of course there are countless amounts of people always offering their advice through their own experiences. Although, in many cases the mother has different ideas for her child and may not be so pleased by the results of their offspring.

So to all you children and husbands out there take another look into the love and devotion extended to you by mom.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.

Change the way you look at the mistakes mom might have made while juggling all those hats along the way. Understand you didn’t come with an instruction manual and everything she did and does (good, bad, or indifferent), she did it with all the love in her heart learning as she was directing and with no experience to count on.

So on Mother’s Day (which should be every day) the best gift you can give is by showing YOUR appreciation for all her hard work,¬† unconditional love, devotion, selfless days and sleepless nights it took for you to become, well, you.

Now before you criticize anyone, take stock of yourself and reflect back to realize how hard a “JOB” being a Mother is. Just imagine for a moment about you running a big company almost entirely on your own with zero experience.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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