Grudges – The Poisonous Killer of the Body and Mind

Every one of us is always concerned about how we feel, look, and manage our everyday life. We all do a host of things that tear down our bodies.  It’s all about aging well, feeling good and keeping a fertile mind. That’s what we need to enjoy, all we endured, to finally retire.

Good health is so misunderstood by so many, most of us think that if we can just lose “X” amount of pounds and everything will be just fine. However, to most, how they lose that weight is not important just as long as they lose it, and we know in most cases it does more harm than good.

But… This is not about losing weight, this is about something much more important.

Good health starts in the brain. So it’s the brain we should feed not our stomachs.

Our brain is constantly being fed every moment of every day. Just like the food we feed our bodies, our brains are fed by everything that is said or happening around us 24/7.

There is a point when we decide to absorb or to reject what is being fed to us.

Just like absorbing certain foods can have very serious side effects on the body, so too can the poison we allow to infiltrate the brain, only the effects can be more damaging.

Poison to the brain comes in many forms. Anything that’s a negative that you allow in is a poison.

One such poison is holding grudges. When we hold grudges we allow people to take up space in our minds, negative space. It becomes like a tumor, all it does is feed our brain poison and, believe it or not, that poison is spread throughout every organ in your body.

This is one of the most significant things that will destroy our health. It’s like termites eating you up from the inside. Sometimes we are not even aware of the grudges we still hold.

One can’t see that kind of destruction like they can see the fat around the waist.

Very few of us ever try to correct the problem. Although you will always hear; “I need to lose weight and the doc said I will feel better”. Unfortunately, you never hear; “I need to change my thinking and stop feeding my brain these poisonous thoughts.”

Holding grudges, being angry, harboring hate, and absorbing problems of others all adds extra stress and anxiety into our own lives. Anxiety and stress will disrupt our entire ecosystem, creating illnesses within our organs which, many times, the damage they cause is irreversible and much more damaging than losing the weight.

Grudges equal stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety equal poison. Poison equals spending your retirement at the doctor’s office.

So remember, “When you change the way you look at something the things you look at will change”.

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  1. Thanks for saying this to me in a way that I finally get it. I’ve known how much harm I’ve been doing to myself for years, but the way you worded it really hit home. I’m not exactly sure what it was …the comparison with weight or about it being like a tumour? Whatever it was, it’s like a light bulb went on inside my head. Thanks for sharing.

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