Soul Centered Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

Interview on Soul Centered Entrepreneur with Diana Rickman

I was recently interviewed by Diana Rickman for her Soul Centered Entrepreneur podcast. In this interview we discussed the ways I choose to think and act that have created the wealth I value the most; good health, an inquiring mind, and the love and support of my family. Listen to full interview here: For more […]

My Time Is Now with Charlene Gilman

Interview on My Time Is Now with Charlene Gilman

I was interviewed by Charlene Gilman for her My Time Is Now podcast. In this interview we discussed how my dyslexia pushed me to achieve to become a self-made multi-millionaire though I was voted the least likely to succeed when I was in high school. Listen here:

Forge Your Life Interview with Richard Phu

Interview on Forge Your Life with Richard Phu

I was recently interviewed by Richard Phu for his Forge Your Life podcast. In this interview we discussed the following topics: How at my age I continue to help people. How my good life started. What made me decide to start building houses. The difference between Change and Giving Up Who I think the first […]

Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life – How Dyslexia Affects Self-Esteem

Our first episode of Let’s Talk About Life for 2018 is here! In this episode we discuss how dyslexia affects our self esteem. My daughter Sherri and I share our personal experiences and some of the things that we did to overcome our lack of confidence. Are you or your children currently dealing with a […]

Allen Weinstein - Q&A 004

Q&A 004 | Fear Of Success

In this episode of my Q&A Series I answer a question from Gibby. She is an incredible action taker, but is dealing with challenges when it comes to completing business projects and she thinks it could be related to a possible fear of success. Watch video below for more details and to hear my answer. […]