Allen Weinstein - Q&A 001

Q&A 001 | 19 Year Old Building His Own Sports Car Company

Welcome to the first episode in my new Q&A series. In this episode I answered a question from a young 19 year old entrepreneur who is working to start his own sports car company. At 80 years old I have a great amount of wisdom and life experiences that I like to share with […]

Unbridled Passion Can Make Us Vulnerable - Allen Weinstein Quote

Motivational Monday – Unbridled Passion Can Make Us Vulnerable

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “Unbridled passion can make us vulnerable.” There is no greater experience in life than that of passion. Passion can drive us to heights we never considered possible. Passion can also open up for disaster and much heartache. When we think of passion, we relate it to either […]