Allen Weinstein - New Year, New You

New Year, New You

It went fast like every year does. 2017 will be a very telling year. Regardless of whom you voted for, the country is going to go through a period of change. Some of us may be pleased and others disturbed.  At this point your feelings are of no effect, we can only wait and see […]
Allen Weinstein - guest on My Art In Life radio show

Guest Appearance on My Art In Life Radio Show Part 3

Final episode in the three part series from Allen Weinstein’s guest appearance on My Art In Life radio show on 881.FM with Larry Spiro and Gary Piacentini. In this episode Allen discusses how he prepared himself mentally and how he used imagery to get back on his feet and reestablish his business after losing $13.8 […]
Allen Weinstein Q&A 003

Q&A 003 | Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

In this episode of my Q&A series I answer a question from a concerned mother who’s son has faced some difficult experiences and it has completely changed his personality and view in life. Here is some background on his story… 21 year old son Josh was a fun loving boy that found a girl he […]

Imagery: If You Can Conceive It, You Can Achieve It

We all know what Imagery means . However to understand how it works, and how to benefit from its results is a worthy lesson for achieving in life. From time to time we all use imagery. It’s unfortunate however, that most of us don’t focus on it when we are relying on it. During the […]
Weakness Is A Posion Which Is A Failure Of the Mind - Allen Weinstein

Motivational Monday – Weakness Is A Poison Which Is A Failure Of The Mind

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “Weakness is a poison which is a failure of the mind.” Everything we do emanates from the brain. The brain is weak. If it gives into adversity, the body is poisoned and reacts accordingly. The only antidote is reprogramming your mind to positive thoughts. Limited signed […]
The Worst Day Of Your Life Is a Welcome Substitute for Your Last Days

Motivational Monday – The Worst Day Of Your Life

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “The worst day of your life is a welcome substitute for your last days.” Whoever said life would be easy? Like the saying goes, we don’t get a book of instructions at birth. Upon waking up in the morning, all of us begin to agonize over the […]