Learning Disabilities and dyslexia - the struggle is real.

Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia: The Struggle Is Real

This is a guest post from my daughter Sherri, who like me, is a dyslexic with learning disabilities. She touches on an important subject that many of you might be able to relate to, and possibly have even experienced yourself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Sherri! Dear Social Media Users, Friends, and […]
Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life 009 – My Artwork

In this week’s episode of “Let’s Talk About Life” we talk about my personal artwork, what inspires me, and what I use to create some of my unique art pieces. Art is an expression of one’s inner feeling and emotions. It is something that can be very self-rewarding. I find objects that most people throw […]
Let's Talk About Life Podcast

Let’s Talk About Life Episode 002 – Entering The Business World Part 1

In this week’s episode of “Let’s Talk About Life” Allen Weinstein continues to tell us about his early years and what happened one day while working as an architect that made him quit his job and decide to become a builder. A decision that would change Allen’s life and career enormously. https://youtu.be/BxacLK6MhR0 Limited signed copies […]
Allen Weinstein - guest on My Art In Life radio show

Guest Appearance on My Art In Life Radio Show Part 2

Part two of a three part series from Allen Weinstein’s guest appearance on My Art In Life radio show on 881.FM with Larry Spiro and Gary Piacentini. In this episode Allen discusses how he dealt with life’s challenges being a learning disabled dyslexic and how, against all odds, he graduated college with a degree in […]
Dreams are as real as we make them. By Allen Weinstein

Motivational Monday – Dreams Are As Real As We Make Them

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “Dreams are as real as we make them, and the more we believe in them, the more attainable they become.” Belief is what motivates us to action. Everyone has beliefs. It is those beliefs that separate one from another. The environment and people we associate with ingrain […]