Allen Weinstein - guest on My Art In Life radio show

Guest Appearance on My Art In Life Radio Show Part 1

Part one of a three part series from Allen Weinstein’s guest appearance on My Art In Life radio show on 88.1FM with Larry Spiro and Gary Piacentini. In this episode Allen discusses how he dealt with the enormous amount of negativity while he was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s being a learning disabled […]


Imagery: If You Can Conceive It, You Can Achieve It

We all know what Imagery means . However to understand how it works, and how to benefit from its results is a worthy lesson for achieving in life. From time to time we all use imagery. It’s unfortunate however, that most of us don’t focus on it when we are relying on it. During the […]

Allen Weinstein - Situp Motion 1

How Dyslexia Has Kept This 80 Year Old Looking Fit & Feeling Great

Today a huge majority of our children have behavioral problems. They have trouble focusing on daily chores. They are always tired, tend to be chubby, and are inflicted with a host of many other issues. Is this all from improper diet and lack of physical activity? Of course not, however, I can guarantee it’s a […]

Is College Necessary, or Is it A Waste Of Time and Money?

Education is the gateway to growth. It is a path to success and a road to leadership. I graduated high school in 1953. To say that school was difficult for me is a major understatement, and can only be understood by another with learning disabilities or dyslexia. The only variable is that back in the […]

My Days In The Army Reserve

One Concerned American’s Rant About The Treatment of our Vets

Memorial Day has just passed, but the memory of these men and women who gave their lives will never fade. We, the American public, must understand and appreciate that our freedom is only due to their sacrifice. I personally can’t thank them enough for giving us a life in exchange for theirs. I would also […]


Happy New Year 2016

This is a time to reflect the past and the future. Let’s talk more about the future and make resolutions as we do. Most importantly we should actually live by our resolutions. Too many of us say we are going to do a thousand things – lose weight, start exercising, stop smoking, etc, etc, and […]