Allen Weinstein - Love Comes In Many Packages

Motivational Monday – Love Comes In Many Packages

Motivational Monday quote to get your week started. “Love comes in many packages. It’s the wrapping that attracts, but the content that is meaningful.” Love is often a misconception of one’s true being, and it often begins with the typical attraction to one another. In the beginning, that package is a beautiful gift, which comes […]
Allen Weinstein - Situp Motion 1

How Dyslexia Has Kept This 80 Year Old Looking Fit & Feeling Great

Today a huge majority of our children have behavioral problems. They have trouble focusing on daily chores. They are always tired, tend to be chubby, and are inflicted with a host of many other issues. Is this all from improper diet and lack of physical activity? Of course not, however, I can guarantee it’s a […]
Allen Weinstein - Q&A 001

Q&A 001 | 19 Year Old Building His Own Sports Car Company

Welcome to the first episode in my new Q&A series. In this episode I answered a question from a young 19 year old entrepreneur who is working to start his own sports car company. At 80 years old I have a great amount of wisdom and life experiences that I like to share with […]